Shelter : building, help,report.

Friends, KSPA "Lucky Strand" has acquired the land for the construction an own shelter for homeless animals in 2014 .
We would like to thank all the benefactors, as thanks to you as well as the contributions of members KSPA "Lucky Strand" managed to make this acquisition.
Because the means which we had, were limited, we acquired small land area of 0,12hectares, but it will help us to make a long-awaited move for own shelter and all our animals will live in the new shelter.

  • Our steps:

Realosation of project "They can have tomorrow with you together"
  • Carrying water - digging wells;
  • Construction of the fence;
  • Construction of the enclosures for dogs.

Дополнительно - необходима финансовая помощь:
  • Погреб;
  • Purchasing of trailer for workers of shelter;
  • Purchasing of field kitchen.
  • Purchasing of solid fuel burning stoves.

●NON-CASH donations:
UAH Account: Legal adress: 03048, Kiev, Kadetskiy gay,3, ap.73 EDRPOU Code 38448271
Account # 26007052613452 Privat Bank,
MFO (Bank code): 320649, EDRPOU Code 14360570
●Personal founders cards:
Mastercard gold,Visa (EUR)
4731 2171 1191 7165
exp 10/18
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Removal of land boundaries in nature.

We were working on digging the well.

Invoice for the purchase of crushed stone.

Construction of the fence.

Cement pad for the trailer before painting and repair and after:

Trailer for workers


Fall 2015, enclosures.

Rebruary 2016, enclosures.